The Many Uses of Portable Pressure Washer

Every kind of outdoor cleaning will be easier, more efficient and faster if cleaned with portable pressure washer. It is very useful device that finds application in every house. Reason – it transfers water fast and blasts it under high pressure which is why it literally knocks off the dirt, something a garden hose cannot achieve. The pressure washer works either on electrical or fuel motor and comes with different nozzles, which are used to control the strength of the water. And because different nozzles are used for cleaning different surfaces, portable pressure washer can be used almost anywhere and for everything around the house.


Many think the pressure washer is for commercial use only, but its simple, yet powerful design makes it an ideal home cleaning tool. Some of the most common uses are:

  • washing a car faster and more effectively using less water
  • cleaning outdoor dog houses
  • cleaning and disinfecting trash cans
  • washing various garden tools and equipment
  • washing fences, outer walls of the house and windows
  • cleaning patios, driveways and pathways
  • removing mold from concrete block foundation
  • cleaning garage floors, garden toys, swimming pool, BBQ, etc.

Portable pressure washer is very effective when it comes to cleaning any type of garden or patio. However, be extra cautious because you can damage the surface of furniture because of the high pressure. Clogged gutters and downspouts can be a big problem, but luckily a pressure washer can effectively remove leave and larger object stuck inside. The pressure washer can also be used for cleaning the roof top from moss and algae.

Some portable pressure washersuse detergents or other chemicals for more effective cleaning, for cleaning the carpets for example. The pressure washers also have industrial uses, such as for cleaning and preparing surfaces that need to be painted, removing grease, oil stain and dirt from various machines. Because of numerous applications, it is easy to conclude that buying a portable pressure washer is a good investment and cost effective solution for maintaining any type of machinery and property.


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