Tips on Choosing the Right Size of Dog Bed

Admit it, you’re like all other dog owners; you measure your dog when you need to buy dog bed for the fury friend. If you’re just looking at your dog and imagining how long, wide and tall the bed should be, then you’ve probably made more than one wrong purchase. And now you know that every wrong purchase costs you time and money – you buy dog bed, then realize you’ve made a mistake and go back to the store to return it and then get a new one – hopefully, the right one this time. It exhausting, isn’t it?

So how do you choose the right bed for your BFF? Well, the two most basic things you need to know are the breed of your dog and your dog’s shoulder height. One thing is not enough to determine the right bed type; since two different dogs with the same shoulder height will not enjoy the same bed. Here’s what you need to consider.

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Your Dog’s Weight

This is important because even though all dimensions may be right, if the bed can’t support the dog’s weight, it’s not a good one, and your dog won’t be comfortable sleeping in it.

The Sleeping Habits of Your Dog

How does your dog sleep? Does he want to curl up? Burrow inside piles of laundry? Or maybe he enjoys the coziness of a bunch of pillows on the couch? What is most important here is that there is no one-rule-fits all; all dogs, even those of the same breed have different sleeping habits, and you must know yours if you want to buy dog bed that will be perfectly comfortable for your friend. Watch him sleep for a night or two and define the sleeping pattern; it will make your decision on which dog bed to buy much easier.

The Size of the Bed

When looking to buy dog bed, you’ll generally have to choose between XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Many stores size dog beds like they size clothing, so it will be really easy to find the right dimension. Next thing you need to find is a dog size chart. You may look according to your dog’s weight, or you may look according to other dimensions, like height and length. Always make sure the dimensions written on the bed match your dog’s dimensions; for example, whether a size S matches your dog’s size. Also, a part of the sizing process of your dog’s bed is the shape that will best fit your dog’s body; whether you need to get a rectangular or round bed for example.

Finally, a general advice would be to always get a bed that’s slightly bigger than your dog’s dimensions. This way, if by any chance you can’t get the dimensions right, your dog will have more space for a comfortable sleep.