Types of Sand Bagging Machines

The sandbags and the sand bagging machines are considered as the most effective methods for protection against floods and raging rivers. The sandbags are simple plastic bags, usually made from polypropylene, which are filled with sand or other similar hard soil. The sand bagging machine on the other hand is a innovative and effective machinery that is generally used for filling multiple sandbags at once. These machines are needed in cases when a large number of sandbags need to be filled for short period of time. The development of the sand bagging machine introduced a new ways of doing bagging and potting operations. This machine reduces the injury risks and also minimize the time that is needed for filling sandbags. The basic materials that can be bagged by using a sand bagging machine are: sand, gravel, soil, rocks, garden mix, potting mix, stone, grain, hot or cold asphalt, salt and other types of materials. There are different sand bagging machine models on the market, and every type is used for a specific purpose. The most commonly used sand bagging machines are: gravity bagger, silt and sand bagging frames, Ezi bagger, emergency sand bagger, quick sander, bulk bag filing frames etc.


Silt And Sand Bagging Frame. This sand bagging machine is suitable for filing plastic, hessian and woven plastic bags. Only one person is needed for filling the bags. The silt and sand bagging frame increases the efficiency by eliminating the need for extra workers and also minimizes the back and knuckle injuries. Easy to setup, this sand bagging machine comes with a robust hinged hopper and removable legs for easy transportation and storage.

Gravity Bagger. The gravity bagger improves significantly the manual bagging operations, because it is capable to fill approximately 500 sandbags per hour and with no power required. This sand bagging machine is commonly used by plumbers, builders, landscape contractors and civil construction contractors for a variety of filling tasks. With its compact design, the gravity bagger minimizes the labour costs and also reduces the back injuries or the workers fatigue. The gravity bagger allows different kinds of hard materials, such as stones, sand, soil, pebbles, gravel etc, to be easily bagged. It is a simple machine with no training needed.

Ezi Bagger. The Ezi bagger is a semi automatic sand bagging machine. It is capable to fill up to 500 sandbags per hour, and it improves the efficiency and the productivity by minimizing the workers fatigue and back injuries. This sand bagging machine is used for many applications because it is easy to setup and use, and only minimal training is needed for efficient bagging and potting operations. The Ezi bagger is generally used for bagging sand, mulch, stone, rocks, garden mix, potting mix, gravel etc.

Emergency Sand Bagger. This sand bagging machine is specifically designed for the State Emergency Service in Australia. It is mounted on a durable and heavy duty trailer, making it easy for transportation and setup. Like the other models, this sand bagging machine is capable to fill around 500 sandbags per hour. The emergency sand bagger is usually operated by only one person, minimizing in this way the labour costs. Furthermore, it reduces the fatigue and the back pains that can be caused by manual bagging.