What Do You Need to Know About Second-Hand Small Cranes For Sale – Part 2

Continuing from part 1…

Performance Improvements

Most second-hand hydraulic cranes on the market have been used extensively over the years, and as a result they might need some performance improvements. Increasing the load capacity is the most common improvement. Affordable and efficient, increasing the load capacity requires new wire ropes and upgrades of the gears, gear reducers, motors, brakes, drums, etc. All these upgrades are needed in order to maintain the increased performance. The speed of the main hoist is also an important part of any hydraulic crane. The second-hand small cranes for sale can be upgraded with a new main hoist motors to increase their main hoist speed. In some cases, it is required to replace the old main hoist motor with a new one.


Many cranes have a minor braking capacity for existing conditions. These cranes require a modification of their structure in order to increase the total wind area that affects the load capacity. This way, the braking capacity will be increased. Another common improvement is modifying the snag protection system. The snag is the load imposed on a crane with empty spreader that travels at high speed. All used cranes experience mild snag conditions during normal lifting operations, but after few years, it can cause damages. A proper snag protection system is composed of trim, list and skew functions.

When it comes to selling a used hydrauliccrane, the buyers and sellers should get together. Most crane owners sell by word of mouth, by retaining brokers or by using advertising magazines and they usually provide a data sheet on one page. As a buyer you need to consult a crane expert and ask for a condition inspection. As there is no established market for used large and small hydraulic cranes, many cranes are sold for much less than their real value. So, many buyers seize this opportunity to get a good crane. To improve the process for both sellers and buyers, they can all contribute in some way.

Sellers can provide a more comprehensive data sheet with detailed characteristics, condition and maintenance history. This allows buyers to easily compare few cranes and make a wiser choice. The sellers should also consider providing a technical evaluation of the condition of the crane they are selling. The technical evaluation can be prepared by experienced professionals and the buyers can use it as a guide or as a basis for initial negotiations.

Buyers can compare the characteristics of the small hydraulic cranes for sale on the market. Very often the buyers miss a good offer because a crane has a little damaged rail gauge or similar feature. Replacing a rail gauge is inexpensive, simple and quick, so it is not an issue.