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Truck Wash

Keeping your car clean shows that you are an organized and neat person. Having this characteristic may earn you extra points when you get a job where you are required to drive a vehicle and are responsible for its condition. This is especially important in the trucking business. Whether yours or company’s, the truck you drive is, in some sense, your part-time home on a road. This means that you need to take it for a truck wash on regular basis. However, keep in mind that sometimes you will have to clean the truck yourself. To do so, you need to know a proper way to clean it, as some parts require different attention and method of cleaning. Here we will describe how to clean the exterior, interior and the engine of your truck.

Most people don’t care whether their engine’s dirty or not, and with that they create a greater possibility of engine damage that can be fatal for the truck. The engine may be hidden under the hood, but that doesn’t mean it cannot get dirty. Mud, grease and other materials can build up on the engine, suffocate it and cause malfunction. Before you start a truck wash, it is best to heat the engine first. Do not make it too hot, just a little warm so that hard stains can be removed easily. We highlight this because if you apply cold water on some heated parts cracks may appear and you might be forced to change parts. The best item to use for cleaning are detailed truck brushes that are small enough to clean those hard to reach spots. Moreover, when applying water make sure you secure some parts that are vulnerable to liquids like the carburetor and air intake.

Cleaning truck’s exterior is more familiar to all truck drivers. On the other hand, there are some tips that everyone should know and which will help you do the job efficiently. The notion with hot and cold engine (mentioned above) refers also to the exterior. Extremely hot windshields if covered with cold water may crack instantly. Though a rare, it is proven to be true. When it comes to which brush to use, best one to go with is a soft brush, as sharp one may leave eternal marks on the surface. Finally, in a finishing stage of an exterior truck wash, it is important that you rinse from top to bottom so that you avoid drying of soap water.

The inside or interior of a truck refers to the cabin. There are no special hints on how to make a truck cabin look like new, except that it is best to make it more organized so that you don’t have to clean it often. By organized we mean that you should make the most out of space available in a cabin. We suggest you buy several of those truck cab accessories and organizers that can be used as shelves and/or drawers. You can store all the tools and items that you use on a daily basis. Additionally, having a small bin is a must in order to preserve the floor clean for longer period. When it is time to cleaning the cabin, no special items are required. Regular cleaning products for furniture and glass would do the trick and you’ll feel a fresh breeze when you hit the road after you completed your truck wash Melbourne trucking companies keep a special budget for cleaning the trucks so you don’t have to worry about buying everything on your expense.

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