How To Choose Perfume For Your Personality

Just like aromatherapy, the right perfume can attract positive attention, lift your spirits and boost your mood. Any woman who puts effort into her appearances, would agree with us when we say that an outfit is incomplete without magic drops of a good perfume. However, when choosing a perfume, you have to take into consideration your personality since not a single perfume smells the same on two different persons. Remember, scent is the fastest way to feel and look beautiful. The right fragrance can not only affect you and your mood, but also send a certain message to others about your personality. That is why choosing a right perfume is very important.


Calm Personality – If you seem to be at peace when others are stressed, then you have calm personality. The best perfumes for you are the ones with the notes of lavender. It has proven that lavender lowers levels of stress hormones and relaxes. Also, fragrances with notes of bamboo and grass help in reducing stress, while the ones based on roses and patchouli reduce anxiety. The best perfumes to achieve the zen effect are Green Tea Lavender from Elizabeth Arden, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Covet, Tom Ford’s White Patchouli and Yves Saint Laurent perfume, Paris.

Are You An Optimist – Do you see the glass as half full? If you do, then you radiant with positive personality. Powdery perfumes or the ones with notes of spring flowers such as hyacinth, lily of the valley and jasmine should be your signature fragrances. Also, amber and vanilla fragrances go hand in hand with optimistic personality. Perfumes that give a sense of positivity and will best suit your personality are: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Gucci Guilty, Michael Kors Gold and Jean Paul Gaultier perfume, Classique.

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Buy Jean Paul Gaultier perfume at

Be Happy – How often do you smile? If your answer is always, then you are an ideal candidate for fragrances with fruity notes such as apples, berries, cherries, peaches and plums which are known to boost energy levels and make you feel happier. To be even more popular among your colleagues, Facebook and offline friends, mist yourself with Marc Jacobs perfume Splash, Versace’s Versus or Very Sexy Now by Victoria’s Secret.

Love Sports – If you are an active person full with energy and love sports then aromas with notes of peppermint, green apple, bergamot and other citrus fruits are best for your personality. Browse online for Gucci perfume Premiere and boost your energy level.

Are You Determined – If you are a very determined individual in anything you do, choose perfumes that have notes of fragrant spices, such as cinnamon or notes of cedar, geranium, rose and sandalwood. Your best option would be Lancome Tresor Sheer or Estee Lauder perfume Sensuous.

Looking Sexy – If you put a lot of effort in looking beautiful and want to increase your sex appeal, go with musk. Fragrant woods, floral aromas bergamot and ginger flower also inspire a sense of intimacy. Therefore, to look and feel even more amazing, browse online for Marc Jacobs’ Ginger, Givenchy perfume Very Irresistable, Gucci Premiere, Lacoste Love of Pink or DKNY perfume Be Delicious Fresh Blossom.

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