How to maintain your lambswool seat covers


Some people take special care of their car. We are not talking about every day cleaning and other maintenance tasks, but about more detailed care like buying special accessories that enhances the exterior and interior look of the car. Because the outside look is pretty limited to be accessorized, most people focus on the inside. Seat covers are such car accessory used to make a car look fancier and car seats more comfortable. Car seat covers are so customizable today that even lambswool skin is used to make seats more fluffy and cozy. But when you think of lambswool seat covers, you may instantly think of how these seat covers can be maintained and preserved in their original state. Here are some few tips on that.

Basic advice to clean lambswool seat covers is to brush the wool regularly using a metal brush. Vacuuming the pelt is also very important before you start to clean the surface with detergent and hot water. Depending on the quality of wool that is used, sometimes different methods give different results. For instance, some car cleaning companies use dry cleaning devices for this type of car seat covers and give amazing results where your seat covers look as good as new. But other types of lambswool are not appropriate with many materials that dry cleaning devices use and can be permanently damaged if you don’t know this. On the other hand, some lambswool materials are so well tanned that you only need simple brushing to preserve their softness and good looks.

Any kind of wool after a certain period of time can mat down. A perfect solution to this is to use a coarse brush to restore the wool to its fluffy state. Besides coarser brushes, wire ones work good as well and can’t do any damage to the pelt.

Lambswool have characteristic types of fibers that are prone to soiling so you don’t have to worry about this one too much. Because of this advantage, even tough oil stains can be cleaned with just hot water and some soap. Beside these lambswool seat covers maintenance techniques, there is one more simple way that can be as effect as these. You can always remove your seat covers and shake them out to remove all the dirt that fibers have attracted.

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