Maintain Dread Extensions For Flawless Look

Dread-Extensions-shakiraKeeping up with beauty trends is not that easy. It seems as if new trends are being printed as fast as daily newspapers. Of course, majority of gratitude should be assigned to popular celebrities. They are not shy about publicizing their beauty regimes. And we are all very much dazzled with their long lashes, toned bodies, perfect hair extensions, royal manicures, etc. We all want to look like our favorite celebrity and blindly try to follow almost all trends he/she sets.

And such is the case with the new beauty sensation that has hit the streets and is very popular with both women and men – dread extensions. Well, maybe it is a bit more popular with guys. However it is, dread extensions is a growing trend and adds not just length but specific texture to one’s hair. But as is the case with any type of extension, proper care and maintenance is crucial for any dread style as well. To keep your dread extensions fresh and styled follow these few suggestions.

Washing – Stylists usually recommend washing dread extensions every two weeks. Of course, if you sweat a lot, wash your dreads once a week. However, often washing can result in dreads coming out. So, be gentle. Also, do not use regular shampoos and conditioners. They contain sulfates and opting which can cause residue buildup. Therefore, opt for natural shampoos which are also antibacterial. Always rinse well and blow dry to prevent mold problems.

Dread-ExtensionsMaintaining And Twirling – It is very important to twirl your dread extensions to keep them looking flawless. To maintain them use tightening gel and wax. Use tightening gel when dreads are still wet. Coat dread extensions with gel and let it dry in. This will give a nice texture to your dreads. Now move to wax. Take a small amount, warm it in your hands and apply to dreads.

Take Care Of Any Irritations – This is a main problem people with dread extensions have. To alleviate any itching or tenderness use a cooling spray. Simply spray on the areas which are giving you a hard time.

Get Rid Of Funky Smell – Since hair is twisted tightly and can not be aired well, smell is a common problem. This is why it is important to use products specifically designed for dread care. Your best option would be a fragrant deodorizer and a conditioner spray. They are available in different scents depending on your personal preferences.

New Sleeping Routine – If you just got your dread extensions, you need to implement a new sleeping routine to keep those dreads intact. Before going to bed, tie your dreads and put on a bonnet.


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