Most common BMW repairs


BMW is known in the world as one of the best car manufacturers with long tradition and quality. But even successful companies like BMW, Mazda, Toyota and other famous car logos sometimes have unexpected production problems and end up selling vehicles with lower quality than expected. No matter how much testing is done, not everything can be predicted until a car model is released for commercial use. Hence, throughout BMW’s history there have been some models that have had more severe problems and were more often prone to BMW repairs. Here are some of these models and their common problems.

The BMW 3 model is known to have common problems to its fuel injection system. This was characteristic for models produced in the period from ’95-’05 where the fuel injection pump often failed because of high pressure. Other BMW 3 models produced in 2012 also showed several unexpected problems like malfunction of the coilover suspension system. That is why many new customers were forced to do BMW repairs often than expected. The BMW 5 model in 2012 was released in China with great anticipation. But right after its release, a serious glitch was found in this model concerning the car’s battery. Action was taken instantly as 120 000 models were recalled in order to be fixed.

Some BMW series 7 models released between 2006 and 2012 had certain radio related problems. Apparently after short time of driving radio would go off by itself. This glitch also forced BMW offices to recall many units of this model that had this unusual design mistake. BMW repairs were also a common for series 7 models built between 2007 and 2009 which had the timing belt malfunction. Because the timing belt in every car engine is expected to last a life-time and is changed only in rare cases, it is usually positioned way back in the engine where it is hard to reach. BMW 7 models did exactly the unexpected – their timing belt broke before time.

These and many more other glitches are a reason why every BMW owner should do regular checks and repairs to avoid future failures.

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