What Do You Need To Know Before Fitting A Crane Into A Truck? – Part 1

Truck mounted cranes are a unique combination of a truck and a crane attached on it. These truck cranes are very versatile and can be used for moving and raising large loads and equipment. For increased flexibility, the cranes are mounted on the cottage of the trucks. Wise construction managers recognize the many advantages of the truck cranes since they can be used for various projects. When matched with the right attachments, the truck cranes provide functionality that boost the efficiency in various construction processes.


Trucks with cranes are very mobile and functional, maybe the most of all lifting equipment. But if the crane is not mounted properly on the truck, the crane may not be as efficient as you would like it to be. Before mounting a crane on a truck, consider the following.

Loads To Be Carried – Loads you plan to move have a big impact on the truck that supports the crane. Whether heating, air conditioning or ventilation units, lumber or construction materials and tools, know what you will load. Calculate the averaged weight and size in order to indicate the elements that impact the durability of the truck cranes (size, body length, type, frame strength, etc.).

Truck Frame – All trucks with cranes have a resisting bending moment, known shortly as RMB, which is the moment at which the truck may fail when overloaded. The RMB of the truck can be obtained from a manufacturer and will indicate whether the truck will need additional support structure to its current frame.

Check The City Regulations – Before mounting a crane on the truck, you must check the city or state regulations for legal weight, height, width and length for all types of vehicles. The trucks with cranes are not an exception, so it would be wise to know the legal restrictions for public roads. Fortunately, most crane and truck manufacturers can supply you with this information.

Truck Cranes Serviceability – Another important element to consider is will the truck-mounted crane be easy for maintenance and service. Trucks with cranes sometimes have complicated design, what makes maintaining and servicing difficult. In case a truck-mounted crane needs a repair, it would be more time-consuming and the whole repair procedure would be more complicated. Thus, choose simple, yet functional truck cranes and ensure easy and quick maintenance and servicing.

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