What Is Road Recycling?

Tough economy, expensive material prices and tight budgets are main reason why asphalt is not being disposed in landfills, but instead recycled and used again. Road recycling is a way of upgrading and maintaining roads. It is a fast, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for repairing roads. The road recycling industry has invented many different techniques and models of road recycler machines to ensure safe roads. Road recycler machines are used for crushing and ripping roads and mixing the crushed stones with asphalt or aggregate. With a quality road recycler of about 350 horsepower and the right recycling method, the road recycling can be very beneficial.


Advantages Of Road Recycling

  • It is an environmentally friendly process.
  • Road recycling is a very cost-efficient process.
  • Compared to the conventional methods, the road recycling process is 60% faster, offers 60% less disruption and about 40% cost savings.
  • Road recycling is a great solution for rehabilitation of damaged roads.
  • The fuel emissions are significantly reduced because of the fast process.

Steps Of Road Recycling

Pulverizing – Using a road recycler of about 350 horsepower, you can pulverize the existing road. This machine can pulverize from 3000 to 5000 m², depending on the conditions of the road. Pulverizing is an essential step and is routinely carried out at any construction site.

Leveling and Grading – The pulverized material must be leveled and graded with a powerful road recycler according to engineer’s instructions.

Compacting – The next step of road recycling is compaction. There are many different types of compactors that you can use and they all improve the load-bearing capability of the soil, prevent frost damage and provide stability. Compaction is a routine task for almost every construction project.

Re-Surfacing – The final step of road recycling is re-surfacing. It is a process of spraying hot bitumen emulsion on the road surface, using a specific lorry. On the top of the bitumen layer, high quality chips should be applied immediately. These are then compacted to ensure durable foundation or surface.

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