Which Cement Mixer Is Best for the Job – Part 1

You will find a wide range of cement mixers available on the market these days, but which one is the right will depend on your specific requirements. Find a mobile concrete mixer that can handle any task that requires specific amount of concrete. Only by choosing the right concrete mixer with the right size and features, you will be able to complete your job in a effective and efficient way.


Choosing a small mobile concrete mixer for mixing small portions of concrete or other materials, might not to do the job correctly, and may cause you more hassles than benefits. The same goes when buying a large mobile concrete mixer for completing small scale construction projects. You will end up with large amount of unused concrete material that will be thrown away. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the nature of your work and choose the most appropriate cement mixer for the job. Determine whether you are going to use the mobile concrete mixer for heavier construction and industrial work, or will use it for personal small home projects.

Cement MixersAnother thing you need to consider when buying a mobile concrete mixer is the power source. The electric concrete mixers are described as versatile, clean and reliable machines. But working with a electric mobile concrete mixer has one big disadvantage, it cannot be used at remote sites which do not have power outlets. Thus, you will benefit more from using a mobile concrete mixer powered by petrol or diesel, because this cement mixer can be moved from one place to another very easily. Even though the electric mixers are more powerful than the diesel/petrol-operated mixers, still for heavier tasks that demand portability and flexibility, it would be ideal to choose the diesel/petrol-operated mobile concrete mixer.

For small do-it-yourself jobs around your home, the electric mobile concrete mixer is the perfect choice. The diesel or petrol mobile concrete mixer opposed to the electric one, provides more benefits to the construction or industrial workers for completing tough tasks and heavier mixing. It saves time too, because the mixer can be attached to a truck and moved from one place to another. However, as stated previously, the selection of the right mobile concrete mixer will depend on the nature and size of your work.

To be continued…

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