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Top Essential Vitamins For Beautiful Hair

If your hair is thin and damaged even the best shampoos and conditioners will not help. They can help with maintenance, but will not

Hair Extension Care & Styling

Most women have added natural hair extensions to their own hair. Maybe you think you do not know any, but surely a colleague or

Preventing Hair Loss

Even with current cutting-edge technology that medicine is implementing, doctors and hair loss experts still cannot provide a universal and definite hair loss treatment.

Maintain Dread Extensions For Flawless Look

Keeping up with beauty trends is not that easy. It seems as if new trends are being printed as fast as daily newspapers. Of

How Important Is To Reduce Stress

We all encounter stress on a daily basis. And while stress is inevitable, it is recommended to reduce it to normal as increased stress

Thyroid May Be Culprit To Hair Loss

If you’ve been noticing extra strands of hair on your pillow and brush, it is best to visit your doctor immediately. The reason –

Best Way To Treat Hair Loss

Hair loss or clinically known as alopecia areata seems to be a major predicament for many nowadays. According to statistics, about 70% of men