The Many Uses Of Portable Light Towers


A portable light tower is a very useful piece of mobile equipment that has many applications. It has one or more high intensive electric lights and a mast. Usually the lights are attached to the mast, while the mast is installed on a mobile trailer that has a generator set which is required to power the electric lamps. In most cases, the lamps are metal halide bulbs and the generator is powered with diesel engine. On the market there are also battery powered, solar powered and hydrogen powered lighting towers. Even LED lighting towers are available today.

One very important aspect of lighting tower is that it has own power generator and can independently provide light. By having its own power generator, the light tower doesn’t need to be connected to other power sources in order to obtain energy. Once the power generator is fueled up, it can provide light for many hours at construction sites or any other facility. Instead of using a light tower with several lights, it is more reasonable to use several separate portable construction light towers.

The portable lighting towers are used for many different purposes. They are especially used in construction and are better known as construction light towers. The need for light towers significantly increases during the months when days are shorter. These portable light towers enable workers to complete their tasks even after sun sets. Aside from providing needed visibility, light towers also reduce safety risks of workers being injured and prevent major accidents which can sometimes end badly. Almost every construction project has a need for a constant light because most of the workers work overtime and at night in order to complete the project on time. A portable light tower helps a lot in such situations.

Furthermore, the mobility feature make light towers one of commonly used equipment because they can easily be moved from on location to another. The portable light towers are also used for various mining projects as they provide light and illuminate mining holes. Also, the construction of tunnels requires the use of lighting towers. Even the farmers have a need of portable lighting tower when working late at night on the fields. In fact, almost every outdoor task requires the use of lighting towers.

When looking for a portable lighting tower, several basic things need to be considered such as: the lighting or illumination capacity of the tower, the fuel capacity, the portability and the ruggedness, and also the quality and the strength of the trailer the tower is attached to. Investing in a portable lighting tower is a perfect solution for many businesses. Browse online as there are many suppliers which offer various lighting towers for sale.

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