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Furniture Fun Facts

Furniture. That warm-welcoming part of the home interior that greets your personality more than anything else. Adrienne Rich, also known as “one of the

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With the furniture prices going sky-high at the peak of the season, buying furniture can be very expensive. Unless you are buying furniture on

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The TV stand is one of the top favoured furniture pieces for creating a comfortable and inviting living space. This is particularly true for

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The entertainment unit is the central point in most modern living rooms. It is used as an item for holding television sets that are

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Kutani is an old Japanese porcelain that has been used in the early 17th century. According to one legend, people who lived in the

Everything You Need To Know About Antique Cabinets

The original antique cabinets are at least 100 years old. If you cannot afford to buy authentic furniture pieces, there are beautiful replica pieces

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Rubber flooring is a popular flooring option in the last years, and not only in commercial applications. In fact, the rubber flooring is being

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Antique stores are perfect place to find Chinese antique furniture pieces, but before you buy anything, do a comprehensive research. Real antique pieces are

Tips on Choosing the Best Vinyl Flooring Company

Did you know that the substance vinyl was discovered in the 19th century? However it had no use until 1926 when the American researcher,

What Are The Different Vinyl Flooring Types

Your flooring choice is a reflection of your lifestyle and your budget. And now it is possible to reflect your design ideas and your